I want to fuck you really badly :(

… Sorry but only one person can and that’s my boyfriend

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i thought i looked nice today

someone lOVE ME

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only posers die

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Wow fuck you too mom .

You make me break my plans for this week.. Yet when I want to do something here you bitch at me saying we already had plans with family… No I did not agree to them you just dragged me here and forced me to do everything you want

Sunset 😌 (at Filmore, Utah)

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You know how people always tell you to be nice to your parents and always respect them..? Well I honestly could careless about mine. Mostly my mom all she does is make me feel like shit and put me down even though she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. I’m so tired of being treated like this. I have no respect towards you and I probably never will.


Lyalya is 99% tail and 1% cat

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